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JULY SPOTLIGHT - Valarie Spall

Updated: Aug 13, 2018


We are honoured to spotlight this amazing, compassionate, and highly competent Clinician.

My desire to become a Marriage and Family therapist began from a desire to help children and families. I believe that all people want to feel a sense of belonging and love. My passion as a therapist is to help families move past their pain to a place where they can openly communicate and turn toward each other with love. – Valarie Spall

Valerie has been an intricate part of our team. She exhibits all the essential components of a well-seasoned therapist. She expresses genuine interest in clients as well as her coworkers. She has a sustained commitment to facilitate positive transformation in those around her. Here aptitude for listening not only to what is being said, but how it's said, why its beings said, and what it means in the context of that particular client. She is astute at sensing what other people are thinking and feeling. In relating to her clients, she shows warmth and acceptance, empathy, and a focus on others. She continues to commit to developing a consistent and acceptable treatment plan for all her clients. She is very attentive to the progress of therapy and the wellbeing of her clients. Her inspiration of hope and optimism reflects back on the clients, inspiring them to be better. Her flexibility and strong understanding of multicultural issues are invaluable to our Agency. She exemplifies the Covenant Mission Statement. – Ktara Brinkley (LPC Supervisor)

Valerie gently encouraged and applauded her clients the right decision, There are many hurting families in Oklahoma who could benefit from the skill and compassion of this exceptional Clinician. My heart was so warmed by her beautiful attitude and gentle tones. Valarie you are indeed an example to us all!!!!!

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