• Kathryn Poulter



Working with children and families was an easy decision for me that began in High School during my years as a Peer Counselor. My belief is that all children and adults need someone they can express their thoughts, feelings, and emotions to. Everyone needs someone they can confide in, someone they can feel safe and comfortable with. My drive, as a counselor, is to give children and families that very opportunity, to have that person they can express themselves to in a confidential therapeutic setting. I believe knowledge and safety are key to life. Through knowledge and safety, expression can blossom.

I have been associated with Tiffanie for many years and she has always impressed me with her professionalism and sincerity. I have never known her to be arrogant or a ill mannered. She exudes a quiet confidence and a gentle demeanor, yet remains teachable and sincere. In short she epitomizes not only the perfect Professional but the perfect human being. We are so very proud to have Tiffanie as a part of our team.

Tiffanie gives all to those she serves. She shows great passion and commitment to this field and all she interacts with on a daily basis. Tiffanie's commitment shows through her diligence, her ability to go above in regards to confidentiality, trust and client's best interest at the forefront. Tiffanie seems to take great care and interest in improving her knowledge to better help clients and her community being at their best.

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