• Kathryn Poulter


Updated: Aug 14, 2018

(MFT / Clinical Fellow with AAMFT)

I remember not wanting to be anything other than a therapist. Being a listening ear to someone in pain meant something of great value to me. Throughout the years, I have been blessed beyond measure in being a part of God's plan to be light to someone's despair, hope to their weariness and a willing participant to endure with them the discovery that their own suffering will not be in vain.

Therapy is a beautiful tool that empowers and equips a person in their discovery that they always had great worth and will always be of great value. To be a part of a person’s journey of realisation in this and being able to help them to then believe it ---- priceless.

Kim is a clinician who is ‘spell bounding’. Whose integrity and code of honour is exemplary, her word is her bond. You are held in the highest regard by all at Covenant.

Kim has been an dedicated part of our team for over 4 years. She exhibits all the skills and knowledge of a well-seasoned therapist. She is always available and patient in providing support or assistance to those in need. She demonstrates a knowledgeable and dedicated attitude in facilitating growth in others. She continues to demonstrate a great commitment to those in our community that are in need and her dedication and willingness extends beyond what is expected of one in our field. Kim's interactions with others highlight her grace and humility and continue to assist in her providing effective and exemplary care for those she provides services

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