For years Covenant has been providing the Oklahoma-City community with compassionate, homebased, individual and family therapy. Covenant continues to be an integral part of the community, reaching out to individuals regardless of ethnicity, age, or income. 

Enhancing respect and dignity, to maintain and improve quality of life.  

Our mission is to provide professional assistance to at-risk youth, their families and members of their community. Our friendly, professional staff are committed to provide quality care with compassion, respect and dignity.  We endeavor to reunite families and provide them with the skills to achieve and maintain a healthy, stress free lifestyle.  We do however understand that each situation is unique, and therefore strive to assist in the development of an individualized plan to achieve a promising and prosperous future.

Come and be a part of Covenant Youth and Family Services, where we have your best interest at heart. 


At Covenant, we use holistic treatment of mind body and spirit, in the belief that each aspect affects the other.

Office Staff



Managing Director

Kathryn Poulter





Clinical Directors

Ktara Brinkley

David Yee